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Once upon a time...

There was a man named John. He loves to teach and he decided to start a business website to sell guides and offer tips.

His website was well-designed, and its traffic went up steadily. Things were looking up.


Meet business issues

Not many people come.

Not many people visit John’s website, and he didn’t make much money from his site.

Months have passed, and John grew weary. He thought that it was all over.

He thought of giving up his dream and going back to his old 9-to-5 job.

But wait… he can’t just give up!

Find a solution

There is still hope.

You see, entrepreneurial success is often about finding the right help from the right place.

John needed to find someone who have walked in his shoes before. That someone might be us at Previso Media.

We might be able to help John. We might be able to help YOU.


Business success

We can show you.

We have built many sites and through many trial-and-errors, we have discovered what works and what won’t work.

Let’s just say that we’ve been there.

Today, we know how to blog for our business, drive traffic, engage readers and generate profit with our sites.  And yes, we do know that relying solely on Google for traffic is a bad idea.

Feeling intrigued?

Hello, my name is Ivan.

I’m the founder of Previso Media. I am a Web publisher, Web property investor, content strategist, blogger and Web property builder.

I have years of hands-on experience building my websites ground up and finding ways to create a profitable business from them.

I manage a virtual team of experts. We will help you solve your problems – via Previso Media.

Introducing Previso Media

Previso Media is an online publication and marketing company. We can help you promote your business, market your brand, and get you new clients.

Here’s how we can help you…

Community development

We can nurture your online community and get the words out on social media about your business.

Content Marketing

We can help you with business blogging, video creation, press release writing and blog management.

Native Advertising

Make use of our content-based advertising and publishing service on our web properties.

Social Media Management

We help you save time, money and the headaches of managing your social media pages on your own.

Business Blogging

We are well-versed as a business blogger.  We can help you with epic blog posts on any business topics.

Securing Clients

We have access to hundreds of contact persons of agencies and businesses looking for quality blogs.

Why us?

Trust is everything, so here are some reasons why you can trust us

Working with Ivan was a great experience. He always responded quickly to any inquiries I had and had fresh ideas and suggestions.  The turnaround of the blog post was really fast, and he was flexible in terms of the date of the post. All in all, I would highly recommend working with Ivan because of his excellent communication and time management skills.

Elizabeth Povarova

Online Community Manager, Zazzle Inc.

I have used and will continue to use these services, a MUST for engaging with readers. Thanks to Ivan’s excellent writing and research skills, articles are captivating and engaging.
Ben Delarco

Business Development Manager, ICO SERVICES


We build, run and manage our own websites

We own and manage our very own sites. What we offer you is what we implement on them.


Our blogs have won awards

One of our blogs have been chosen as Forbes’ Top 100 entrepreneurship blogs 2013. We can show you how.


We know blogging very well

Most of our sites are blogs, and we know how to craft a blog post that is shareable – and get traffic from it.

I have been collaborating with heaps of SEO-specialists, but no one of them offers the delivery performance and tangible results that Ivan provides. He is one of rare individuals you can rely on. I’m rapt! Elena Haidukova

Online Marketing Manager


We have access to dozens of agencies

We have a unique partnership with agencies.  We know they have opportunities, but they can’t find you!


We have access to private social networks

Social media marketing is a must-do. That’s why we gained access to premium influencer networks for collaboration.


We have helped hundreds of business

We have hundreds of happy clients over the years. We can’t wait to add more to the list!

…and most importantly, we LOVE what we do.


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