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Let’s get things straight: Your business online magazine or blog relies on how much exposure it’s getting. Online community development is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. While organic traffic (e.g. traffic originating from Google) is proven to be valuable for your business, we can’t simply deny the fact that those who read your articles and blog posts are real people – referral traffic from them brings greater impact to your business goal, whether it is making more money or more newsletter subscriptions.

Online community is all about conversations

Now, let’s get down to the details. You see, no matter how well you ranked on Google or how many visitors your best article is getting, without these metrics you ain’t seen nothing yet: On-site conversations and social media conversations.

On-site conversations

Community development

You can easily detect whether an online magazine is having a great community impact or not by how engaging the conversation is. Typically, the number of comments per post measures this. However, that figure is not enough.

Conversations are two-way, and they have to be engaging and high in quality. “Great post!” “Thanks for posting!” and “Nice one!” are positive feedback, but they are low quality and not engaging; they are not promoting conversation.

What can an engaging community give your business? Quite aplenty: More visitors, more brand value, more authority and more exposure. The next big question is: “How?”

Enter Previso Media.

Our online community development solutions can help you spark conversations on your website. We have a team of social-savvy people who are ready to engage your online magazine or blog audience. Our comments are insightful and proven to attract two-way conversation.

Off-site conversations

On-site conversation is one thing; how about off-site conversation? Social media is THE game changer. Social media is where your content will go viral. Forget about Facebook ads and such. Your content can travel through the social medium without you even spending any money promoting them. How?

The answer is by having online influencers talk about your articles and blog posts. In order for your content to be picked up by the influencers, you need to use your ‘megaphone’ for your message to be spread across the socialsphere.

Previso Media will be your online publicist.

We can provide you the ‘megaphones’ AND the people who will use them to spread your message. We will promote your blog posts and articles on online tribes, forums, and social sites – and get ready to receive a flood of social traffic coming your way. Synergy then begins when on-site conversations and off-site conversations amplify one another. Instead of focusing on one, our online community development service focuses on both.

Please note that our number one priority in our online community development endeavor is engagement – the number of interesting conversations sparked rather than statistical figures, such as the number of comments per post.

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