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We will manage your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.




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We will share content on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.



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Social media’s role in your small business growth is more important than ever. In fact, for many small businesses, social media is the main source of leads and clients.

With that being said, it’s only logical to focus on your social media management and marketing efforts. Unfortunately, ‘focusing’ means you need to prepare the resources required in getting the ball rolling and the wheel turning – and that often doesn’t come cheap.

Many small businesses are taking the Do-It-Yourself route. Some find success with this strategy, but many fail, simply due to the fact that it’s challenging to juggle between growing your business and growing your social media presence. Furthermore, DIY involves long learning curve, which includes numerous trials-and-errors; you can’t afford making too many mistakes, especially when your business’ marketing depends heavily on your social media marketing campaigns.

Another alternative would be hiring a Social Media Manager. It’s a viable route to take. Unfortunately, hiring a qualified one will cost you a lot – often too much for a small business.

social media management

A more viable option – which probably the best route you can consider – is to outsource your social media tasks.

Instead of hiring a dedicated team to execute your social media marketing plan, you can outsource the tasks to a third party.

The right social media management service can help you with many tasks, which includes content sharing, social media page optimization, community interaction, and more.

We can help you with that.

We offer social media management service

At Previso Media, we have the expertise and experience in social media marketing. We manage social media activities for many web properties, which include our own.

We have seen some measurable results from our social media activities, and we are confident that our service can help you get results.

Here is a list of what we are offering to you:

  • We will be your social media managers – we focus on your social media presence for you, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • We help you save time, money and the headaches of managing your social media pages. We manage your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. We have a plan to manage more social media platform, such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, but we will focus on the big three – for now.
  • We understand that your social media pages are now ranked on search engines, which means getting yours found is very important. We will optimize your social media pages, in such a way that they are having a fair chance of getting exposure and gaining organic traffic from the search engines.
  • We will share relevant, interesting content on daily basis on your social media pages.
  • We will engage your communities: We respond to comments and converse with your followers.

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