How to Use Videos to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Earlier this year, Instagram increased the length of the videos that can be posted on the platform and added more filters, both making Instagram videos more attractive and better. It is common knowledge and consensus that a lot of people are visual learners and therefore, pay attention to videos more. You can now use Instagram to build your business.

Instagram for business

How do you make optimum use of this amazing social media app?

Build your tribe/connect

You build your community by letting your viewers get an inkling into your person and what your business is all about. This builds trust, especially in a world where interactions are based online most of the time. Follow your followers back, reply to comments, like pictures, commend the effort of others, share pictures and videos of others, embrace criticism, look to be authentic and be you! Share moments with your followers and tag them. This will build a natural connection with your followers.


Injecting humour into your videos help your viewers let their hair down. Your viewers are not on Instagram to actually do business, they are there to relax and socially engage. For instance, a simple play on words like “veggies for world peace” with actual display of vegetables is humorous but it does a great job of passing across your message.

Upload videos

There’s a difference between uploading videos and spamming your viewers. No one wants anyone right in their face all the time. Know the peak periods for posting and post accordingly. You need to ensure that the videos are of great quality. You can learn how to make the best videos with this fantastic tutorial from AXA’s Business Guardian Angel.

Instagram posts

Embody music

How do you use music/audio in your video? Some people are in transit, at work or somewhere serene and cannot listen to music in that moment. How about those who are hearing impaired? For these reasons, you cannot afford to rely on music to pass your message across. Also, do not forget that Instagram does not have an automatic loud volume and you have to click on it to hear the background music. Do make sure that your videos, even when muted will be articulate within 60 seconds.


With over 400 million users, videos will help to give the target audience a sense of connection with your brand. Customers adore transparency and this is what your videos should entail. Show your audience how things are done, backstage “drama”, how you goofed at a time and how you improved. Viewers will engage and even give you tips or tell you how they tried out your ideas. That’s free word of mouth publicity, the cheapest and greatest of all advertisements.

In conclusion, pay no mind to doubts that flood you. Do not pull your hair out over imperfect videos and photography, you will get better on the job. So, start… just do it!

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